1. Direct analysis of a methanol flame by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    The InfiTOF can be used for “In-situ” high-resolution monitoring of real-time gas phase reactions like combustion. In this work, we show the real-time monitoring of combustion products in a diffuse methanol flame by using this compact high resolution TOF-MS system.
  2. Analysis of a gas mixture containing ammonia and methane by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    Analysis of a chemical ionization reagent gas consisting of a 5% mixture of ammonia in methane is demonstrated by using the JEOL InfiTOFTM compact high-resolution mass spectrometer.
  3. Real time monitoring for gas phase h/d exchange reaction in H2O and D2O by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    The InfiTOF is suitable for real time gas reaction monitoring. In this report, we showed real time monitoring for H/D exchange reaction of light water (H2O) and heavy water (D2O) which is one of the simplest chemical reaction.
  4. YOKOGUSHI-Study of a gold star mothers stamp
  5. In  this  applications  note,  we  performed  an  analysis  of  a  Gold  Star Mothers  Postage  Stamp  by  using  three  JEOL  instruments.  We  used  the JSM-IT300LV, the JMS-T100LP  « AccuTOF-DART » and the JMS-S3000 « SpiralTOF ».
  6. MS SpiralTOF MALDI for small molecule analysis : A complex drug mixture
    This is shown here for the high-resolution analysis of a mixture of 32 small-molecule drugs analyzed by MALDI with the JEOL SpiralTOF mass spectrometer.
  7. MS SpiralTOF-TOF Synthetic Polymer Structure Anlaysis PPG
  8. In this work, we analyzed Polypropylene Glycol (PPG) by using the JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF with the TOF-TOF option.
  9. NMR Single-Tuned 4 mm Cryocoil MAS Probe
  10. A tunable single-tuned 4 mm Cryocoil MAS probe was developed, and demonstrated for 6Li and 29Si under 14.1 T WB magnet.