JEOL Ltd. (President Gon-emon Kurihara) announces the release of the JIB-4700F Multi Beam System, a newly-developed FIB-SEM instrument to be distributed in January 5, 2017. 

Main Features


1. 3D-Three-dimensional observation/analysis

2. High-resolution SEM observation

3. Fast EDS, EBSD, analysis (High probe current with High resolution).

4. High-speed processing (High probe current).

5. Simultaneous detection system
Versatility (including EDS, EBSD, cryo-transfer systems,

*cooling stages and air-isolated transfer systems).

6. TEM Preparation Lamella.

7. Picture overlay system.


Product development background: 3D analysis

Development of new materials featuring complex nanostructures increased demands on FIB-SEM instruments for exceptional resolution, accuracy and throughput. In response, JEOL has developed the JIB-4700F Multi Beam System, a new processing and observation system to be used in morphological observations, elemental and crystallographic analyses of a variety of specimens.  

The JIB-4700F features a hybrid conical objective lens and an in-lens detector system to deliver a guaranteed resolution of 1.6 nm (edge to edge method) at a low accelerating voltage of 1 kV. Using an “in-lens Schottky-emission electron gun” that produces an electron beam with a maximum probe-current of 300 nA, this newly-developed instrument allows for high-resolution observations and fast analyses. For the FIB column, a high-current density Ga ion beam of up to 90 nA maximum probe-current is employed for fast ion milling and processing of specimens.

High-speed cross-section processing by FIB, high-resolution SEM observations and fast analyses can be conducted utilizing energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Additionally, a three-dimensional analysis function that automatically captures SEM images at certain intervals in cross-section processing is provided as one of the JIB-4700F's standard features.